Western Australia Overview

Western Australia is the largest of all the states in Australia and occupies around a third of the entire continent. It is bordered by the Indian & Southern Oceans and The Northern Territory and South Australia.

This resource rich state state is one of the most abundant mineral rich regions in the world.

Most of the population of Western Australia live in the south west, in and around the capital, Perth. The south west also has some well known wine regions, such as the Margaret River.

To the north west of the state are the rugged and remote Kimberleys which are considered Australia's last frontier. This majestic and unique region covers over 400 000 square kilometers and is punctuated with magnificent gorges, canyons and unique land forms, millions of years in the making.


The Capital, Perth, known as "The City of Lights," is situated on the Swan River, enjoys a Mediterranean climate and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and reserves.

Perth city centre appears to sit on the shores of a lake as the Swan River expands forming Perth Water which is almost 1 mile (1.5km) at its widest section. This expanse of water is dotted with ferries, cruise boats, wind surfers and yachts and is the perfect backdrop for the city on its north shore.

Perth is adjacent to Fremantle which is a bustling and quaint port famed for its restaurants, cafes and bars.  More...

The Engine Room of Australia, & beyond.

The state of Western Australia has a diversity of sought after minerals deposits the state has in abundance. For example, WA has almost 15 - 20% of world wide production of alumina, industrial diamonds, iron ore and nickel.

The state also has huge reserves of oil and natural gas; there are currently over over 60 oil and natural gas fields operating with more to follow.

In addition, of the worlds known reserves, the state has around 40% of the uranium, over 50% of the Tantalum (an important mineral used in the production of electronic components), over 30 % of the zircon and over 25% of the rutile (both important industrial minerals).

It is no wonder that Western Australia is seen as the engine room not only of Australia but large parts of the world.

Margaret River

Margaret River is a popular wine region and its wines, resorts and cuisine are fast earning an enviable reputation internationally. Margaret River is 300km south of Perth.

Western Australian Accommodation

Please see our West Australian accommodation map to book resorts, hotels and self catering apartments throughout the state'.

Popular holiday locations include Perth and the Broome .

W.A At A Glance

Climate:: South-Mediterranean, long hot summers. North-Dry, tropical..

SIZE: 2 600 000 Sq Km

Land Form: Semi arid desert interior. Rich fertile southern region. Mountainous regions e.g Gibson and Stirling Ranges.

Driving in parts of Western Australia can be hazardous and is not recommended for the inexperienced or un prepared.


POPULATION: Circa 2.0 Million, approx 1.5 million live in and around Perth.

Western Australian Flag

Western Australia Flag

Broome and the Kimberleys

Broome is situated on the Great Northern Highway, some 1400 miles from Perth. This modern town is an increasingly popular tourist destination since it is ideally located as a base for exploring the Kimberley region, home of the Bungle Bungles, and close to some wonderful coast-land and beaches.

Cable Beach is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Australia. The beach is close to the town and is a must if you visit Broome. Visitors become attached to the beach and often spend more time there than they expected.

Broome is also known as the gateway to the Kimberleys, a vast, largely uninhabited area of outstanding rugged natural beauty. In this region are the Bungle Bungles, unique domed rock formations unlike anything else in Australia or the World for that matter. They have only been discovered relatively recently by a pilot. More...


Fremantle is a bustling port town less than half an hour from Perth. It is famous for its night life, pubs and coffee strip centred around the quaint harbour complex. Fremantle was put on the map when it hosted the Americas Cup. More...

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