Sydney Olympic Park Overview

Sydney Olympic Park, constructed to host the 2000 Olympic games, is a thriving centre for sport, entertainment, tourism and commerce.

The complex offers world class sporting, conference, recreational and entertainment facilities surrounded by wide boulevards and parklands. There are magnificent stadia, arenas, hotels, the Hockey, Golf, Aquatic, Athletic and Tennis centres, Archery Park, and over 30km of bike and walking trails.

Olympic Park has ample car parking in several multi storey and overflow car parks, a rail station and a Sydney Ferry wharf.

Olympic Park is located 14 Km (~8.5 miles) to the west of the Sydney CBD.

Telstra Stadium

Telstra Stadium, formerly known as Stadium Australia, is the centre piece of Olympic Park with a seating capacity of 80000. The scale of the stadium is awe inspiring, particularly, as you emerge through to the seats and catch your first glimpse of the field and playing area stretching out below. The effect seems even more vivid at night when the interior is bathed in light from the flood lights towering above.

The stadium plays host to major sporting occasions. Some Rugby World Cup games, including the final, were staged here is 2003. The Bledisloe Cup, Tri Nations rugby matches, and Australian sporting "Grand Finals" all take place regularly. The stadium is also a venue for rock acts of the stature of the Rolling Stones and U2.

Like many of the other venues at Olympic Park, tours can be taken around Telstra Stadium.

See Sydney Olympic Park Map for the location of Telstra Stadium.

Sydney Super Dome

The Sydney Super Dome, one of the arenas, is gaining a reputation as an excellent venue with both audiences and performers alike. In the last few years it was the most profitable venue outside the United States, second internationally only to Madison Square Garden.

This versatile arena has a seating capacity of over 20000 and stages a variety of events. These include ice spectaculars, rock and pop concerts, televised award nights, military tattoos as well as basket ball and net ball matches.

Visitors Information

A good first port of call is the Visitor Centre, which is conveniently located near the train station at the junction of Showground Road and Murray Rose Avenue. You will be able to plan your visit, pick up maps or take an organised tour.

For further information visit the official Sydney Olympic Park website.

Mountain Bike Hire

There are almost 40 km of cycling trails through the 'Millennium Parklands' which surround Olympic Park. There are interesting features to look for and explore like Kronus Hill, the perfectly circular, reclaimed hill, with a spiraling pathway to its summit.

See Sydney Olympic Park Map

Elevated board walks criss cross the nature filled wetlands and reserves throughout the park giving you a sense of total escapism and immersion in this unique natural habitat.

Newinton Armory is also an another landmark to look out for. This heritage listed site dates back to the 1890's and was used by the Royal Australian Navy to store munitions. Located at Newinton Armory Wharf, overlooking Parramatta River, are some water features to cool off in and an ideally placed cafe with seating areas covered by a camouflage netting canopy ( to pay homage to the areas military heritage). There are also picnic tables and public barbeques here. The pleasant track along the Parrammatta River stretches from Sydney Olympic Park Wharf, to Newington Armory Wharf and continues until Wilson Park, adjacent to Silverwater Road. Along the river you can spot the Jet cat ferries on their to Parramatta (via the stop at Olympic Park Wharf) and sometimes rowers training or racing.

Mountain bikes can be hired from the tourist information centre which also provide maps showing the various trails which can be enjoyed. You can also bring your own bike to Olympic Park if you don't need to hire one.

The BrickPit Ring walk

The Brickpit Ring Walk is a half a kilometer long circular walk way raised almost 20 metres off the base of the Brickpit.The Brickpit, once the site of the former New South Wales brick works, is now a delicate eco system and habitat for the rare and endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog as well as bats and other bird life.

The Brickpit Ring Walk is located at corner between Australia Avenue and Marjorie Jackson Parkway.

See Sydney Olympic Park Map

Sydney Olympic Park Location

Sydney Olympic Park is located at Homebush Bay, only 14 Km (~8.5 miles) to the west from the Sydney CBD. The park has excellent transport links; an enjoyable way to visit the complex is to take a ferry from Sydney (Circular Quay or Darling Harbour) which takes around an hour to travel up the Parramatta River to reach the Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf.

Alternatively take a train to Olympic Park Station or drive. Although there is car parking for over 10000 cars, for popular events it is advisable to pre book car parking.

See Sydney Olympic Park Map

The Olympic Flame Cauldron

The cauldron, which burnt with the Olympic flame above the stadium, has now been erected in the Overflow area, opposite the stadium. It is surrounded by inter twining lines of gold, silver and bronze set into the paved surface which, on closer inspection, are formed of hundreds of plaques engraved with the medal winners from the games.

Periodically the cauldron becomes a water feature simulating the dramatic water curtain effect when Kath Freeman first lit the cauldron. On hot days the showering water is a refreshing way to cool down - if you don't mind being totally drenched..

The Royal Easter Show

Sydney Olympic Park is the location of what is a beloved Sydney institution, The Royal Easter Show. This show, originally organised to celebrate the life of rural and outback Australia, takes over the park every Easter.

This is a great family day out. There are domestic pet, and farm animal shows, craft exhibitions, equine demonstrations and a rodeo. There is also a fun fair, lots of shopping opportunities, and a program of entertainment that runs into the night, culminating in an arena spectacular. For further information see the Sydney Royal Easter Show website.


Sydney Olympic Park is constantly evolving. Recent additions include: the Monster Skate Park, the Monster Mountain X park, and the Brick Pit Ring Walk. This is a raised walkway which provides a safe view of the fragile habitat of the green and golden bullfrog.

Driving To Sydney

Some approximate driving times to Sydney are:

20Hrs From Adelaide(1400Km)

12Hrs From Brisbane (950Km)

31Hrs From Cairns (2500Km)

3.5Hrs From Canberra(300Km)

45Hrs From Darwin (4000Km)

12Hrs From Melbourne (950Km)

42Hrs From Perth (4000Km)


Driving through the Outback and remote or isolated areas of Australia is not recommended for the unprepared or inexperienced.

See Route and Distance Calculator for more accurate driving times and routes from additional locations.

Flying To Sydney

As a guide, some approximate flying time from Sydney are:

Perth is 5 hours

Melbourne 1.5 hours

Brisbane 1.5 hours

Cairns 3 hours.

Times do not include travel time to and from airports and adequate time prior to check in etc.

Sydney Climate

These figures are for guidance only:

Historical Average Sydney Climate

Max Average Temperature

Deg C/ Deg F

Winter(June-Aug):17 / 63

Spring(Sep-Nov):22 / 72

Summer(Dec-Feb):26 / 79

Autumn(Mar-May):23 / 73

Historical Average Sydney Rainfall

Average Monthly Rainfall - mm

Winter(June-Aug): 104

Spring(Sep-Nov): 78

Summer(Dec-Feb): 97

Autumn(Mar-May): 128


Further Sydney Climate information

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Bondi Beach

Olympic Cauldron at Sydney Olympic Park
Telstra Stadium
Sydney Olympic Park at Night
Sydney Super Dome
Inside Telstra Stadium
The start of Australia V England Rugby Test Match
Aquatic Centre at Olympic Park
Pathways criss cross and surroundSydney Olympic Park
Cycling along the miles of trails around Olympic Park
Newington Armoury at Sydney Olympic Park
Riverside cafe near Newington Armoury
Tennis centre entrance
Monster skate park at Sydney Olympic Park
Hotel at Olmpic Park
Telstra Stadium from trails surrounding Olympic Park
Car Show held at Sydney Olympic Park