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temporary visas

Immigration Law is extremely complex and legislation is forever changing.

Given the complexities of migration law our outline on temporary Australian Visas has been greatly summarised and should not be considered as the regulations in their entirety.

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What is an ETA visa

An ETA is an Electronic Travel Authority. An ETA can only be applied for by specific passport holders/citizens of gazetted countries. The application is generally made by the travel agent or airline. The ETA is used for family visits, holiday makers and business people. An ETA (visitor) visa is valid for 12 months and allows a person up to 3 months stay in Australia per visit with multiple entry. There are two types of ETA (Business) visas either a long or short validity, and both carry the same three month stay rule.

working holiday makers (WHM) visa

This visa applies to specific passport holders/citizens of gazetted countries and is valid for one year from the date of arrival in Australia. The WHM visa is limited to applicants who are aged between 18 to 30. The WHM provides opportunities for people to supplement their travel funds by working during their stay. One of the conditions of the WHM visa states that the holder must not be employed by any one employer for more than 6 months. Extensions for a further 12 months WHM visa can be applied for by holders who have worked as a seasonal worker in regional Australia for a minimum of three months.

temporary business sponsorship

Australia has a skilled shortage and some companies have to source expertise from other countries in meet the needs of the business. The Business sponsorship scheme allows Australian companies to sponsor skilled persons from 6 months to up to 4 years. The company must have approval for the sponsorship before a visa application is made and must abide by sponsorship obligations. The primary applicant must have the relevant qualifications and work experience for the vacant position being nominated. The main conditions on this visa is that the holder must remain employed by the sponsor and maintain health arrangements.


Temporary Visa Overview

As the name implies, a temporary visa allows the holder to stay in Australia for a set period of time.

There is an extensive range of temporary visas each with their own specific criteria for the nature of the visit.

Temporary visa categories include visitors, temporary sponsorship, temporary workers and students. There a wide range of subclasses of visas within the headings with varying regulations and criteria.

Most temporary visas have conditions that are identified on the visa by four digits starting with the number 8. The meaning of the condition is provided when issued and it is the responsibility of the visa holder to ensure they are aware, understand and will abide by the visa conditions.

All temporary visas will state how long you can remain in Australia and this date is clearly stated on the visa.

Can I apply for another visa

There are provisions in the regulations to apply for a further visa whilst in Australia. To change your current temporary visa status to either another temporary visa or a permanent one, you must check that you meet the requirements for the new visa and that you can transition from your current one.

what is a bridging visa

A bridging visa provides temporary lawful status for a range of circumstance that a person may find themselves in. There are 6 types of bridging visa. The most common bridging visa is a bridging visa A, whereby an application has been made for another visa and during the processing period the current visa expires. The bridging visa keeps the applicant legal in Australia until a final decision is made on the application.

From temporary to permanent

One common transition, and there are many, is a person entering Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, then being company sponsored on a temporary business visa then eventuating to permanent residency all whilst inside Australia.



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