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Questions on EMigrating to Australia

Immigration Law is extremely complex and for ever changing. We have selected a small sample of frequently asked questions as is not feasible to address every scenario.

Given the complexities of migration law, some answers to questions have been greatly summarised and should not be considered as the regulations in their entirety.

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Can I have more than one visa?

No. You can only have one visa.


Can I bring my pets with me?

Yes, in most cases. For domestic pets they will need to spend a period of time in quarantine when they arrive in Australia. The amount of time in quarantine will depend on which country the animal has come from. There are many companies who specialise with the transportation of animals and they will be able to advise you on the procedure and requirements. There may be restrictions on the importation of certain animals so check with Australian Quarantine authorities. Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) website.

If I am in Australia can I apply for another visa?

Generally yes however several pointers to check first. Does your current visa have an 8503 condition? If it does then you cannot apply for another substantive visa other than a protection visa. Ensure you meet the criteria of the new visa you want to apply for and the regulations of the new visa allows you to apply from your current visa. you must have complied with all the conditions of your current visa.


Can I have dual citizenship?

Your native country has their own policies on dual citizenship. Some will allow you to keep your own passport and also let you attain Australian citizenship, whilst others will ask you to relinquish your current passport should you want Australian citizenship. Some countries have a formality of seeking permission first. It is advisable to check the rules of your native country.

How long Does the Immigration process Take?

Each visa category can take a varying time to process. The exact time depends upon several factors including: The visa subclass you are applying for, changes in legislation, visa quotas and the number of people applying for a particular visa category.

How much does the process cost?

Processing costs totally depend on the visa as there are substantial variations within the visa subclasses. For most visas there is generally an initial visa application charge (VAC) paid at the time of application

Other charges are based on individual via subclass. Variations include: a 2nd (VAC), an assessing body, English language, health insurance, bonds, tuition, investment.

All permanent visas require X-rays medicals and police clearances to meet health and character criteria. There is an age guide for this undertaking.

Professional migration services are generally separate.

does auinfo advise on Migration To New Zealand?

No. We only give advice on Australian migration.

Can I live anywhere in Australia?

This all depends on the visa subclass. Some visas require applicants to settle in designated regions of Australia for a set period of time. Other visas have no geographic restrictions.

Do you need to be an Australian Citizen to buy a house?

No, permanent residents can purchase property in Australia. Temporary visa holders wishing to purchase property in Australia must apply to The Foreign Investment Review Board for approval.


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