Chatswood Overview

Chatswood, situated on the North Shore, is one of Sydney's significant business and shopping districts. It is the third largest CBD after Sydney.

Driving from Sydney, Chatswood is located on the Pacific Highway, a few miles north from the Harbour Bridge or if you take a train, it is a 5-10 minute trip via the Northern Line.

Chatswood is dominated by its strikingly modern high rise residential and office towers, which can be seen from miles away.

Chatswood is also known for its Chinese Restuarnts; if you are looking for good Yum Cha you will find it in Chatswood.

Gleaming Towers

Chatswood's impressive skyline is dominated by gleaming office and apartment buildings, not unlike that of the main Sydney CBD, and can be seen from miles away.

In recent years the scale of the development in Chatswood has increased which has resulted in magnificent, futuristic and organic looking architecture.

The close proximity to Sydney and its exemplary road and rail links make Chatswood an ideal location for both businesses and commuters alike; the Chatswood Transport Interchange (see below) is the centralised rail and bus terminal which further enhances convenience.

Chatswood Transport Interchange

The old Interchange has been demolished to make way for the new Chatswood Transport Interchange which is to service both the existing rail route to Sydney and the new line to Epping.

This exciting new development is due for completion in 2008 and incorporates the aformentioned rail stations as well as a bus station, taxi rank, a shopping centre, food court and restaurants. The Chatswood Transport Interchange will also include office and residential developments.

The contemporary architecture is complimented with glass covered walkways, expansive atriums and out door terraces.

This promises to be a very pleasant place to work in or transit through.

Yum Cha

Chatswood has a good selection of Chinese Restaurants, some of which have a Sydney wide reputation for their Yum Cha.

These include the Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant in Help Street, Kam Fook Seafood Restaurant in the Westfield Shopping Centre and Chequers in the Mandarin Centre.

These can get very busy at lunch times so arrive in plenty of time or try booking ahead.

Fine Dining

Besides Chinese restaurants, Chatswood and this area of Northern Sydney have a wide selection of restaurants serving food from a wide variety of world cuisines. Whether you are looking for modernn Australian, German, Indian, Thai, Italian, European, Greek, Japanese, Turkish, Korean, Vietnamese, British you will find somewhere to suit your taste.

For example, a few Km up the Pacific Highway in Linfield is Food and Plonk which is gaining a well deserved reputation. This modern European restaurant has a UK born and trained Head Chef who has worked under acclaimed Michelin Star Chef, Raymond Blanc.

Great Northern Hotel

A well known building on the Pacific Highway at Chatswood is the Great Northern Hotel. The recently renovated, heritage style building contrasts the surrounding avant garde architecture and has remained as a familiar landmark over the years.

This popular pub serves a good range of local and imported beers, has an outside beer garden and serves lunch and dinner every day of the week

Chatswood accommodation

Chatswood is close to Sydney and has good transport links- it is on the Pacific Highway and on the North Shore rail link ( to Sydney). Click here for Chatswood accommodation .

Good Shopping

Chatswood is also known for its good shopping. Steps leading from The Station Interchange exit onto Victoria Avenue which is one of the main thoroughfares in Chatswood.

From the Station Interchange (which is being completely rebuilt and will open as the Chatswood Transport Interchange in 2008, see below) , Victoria Avenue is initially a pedestrianised precinct which is lined with shops and cafes.

A little further down Victoria Avenue is one of the entrances to the massive Westfield Shopping Centre. This has several levels, hundreds of stores, including a Myer Department store, a multiplex cinema, a multi-storey car park and a food court.

Further down Victoria Avenue (for about 5 minutes on foot) is the Mandarin Centre and then further on again, Chatswood Chase, a chic shopping centre, again on several levels.

As well as David Jones and Harvey Normam stores, here you will also find designer boutiques and famous name stores such as David Lawrence, Carla Zampatti, Lisa Ho, Liz Davenport and Villeroy and Boch. This is a very palatial centre with a distinctly upmarket feel.

A food court is located at the base of the centre and there is a selection of coffee stops strategically located throughout the complex.

Driving To Sydney

Some approximate driving times to Sydney are:

20Hrs From Adelaide(1400Km)

12Hrs From Brisbane (950Km)

31Hrs From Cairns (2500Km)

3.5Hrs From Canberra(300Km)

45Hrs From Darwin (4000Km)

12Hrs From Melbourne (950Km)

42Hrs From Perth (4000Km)


Driving through the Outback and remote or isolated areas of Australia is not recommended for the unprepared or inexperienced.

See Route and Distance Calculator for more accurate driving times and routes from additional locations.

Flying To Sydney

As a guide, some approximate flying time from Sydney are:

Perth is 5 hours

Melbourne 1.5 hours

Brisbane 1.5 hours

Cairns 3 hours.

Times do not include travel time to and from airports and adequate time prior to check in etc.

Sydney Climate

These figures are for guidance only:

Historical Average Sydney Climate

Max Average Temperature

Deg C/ Deg F

Winter(June-Aug):17 / 63

Spring(Sep-Nov):22 / 72

Summer(Dec-Feb):26 / 79

Autumn(Mar-May):23 / 73

Historical Average Sydney Rainfall

Average Monthly Rainfall - mm

Winter(June-Aug): 104

Spring(Sep-Nov): 78

Summer(Dec-Feb): 97

Autumn(Mar-May): 128


Further Sydney Climate information

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Chatswood's impressive modern skyline
The distinctive skyline of Chatswood
Sculpture in Chatswood
Residential towers in Chatswood
High rise living in Chatswood
The Great Northern Hotel
Victoria Avenue at Christmas Time
Chatswood contemporary architecture
Vodafone headquarters
Mandarin Centre in Chatswood
Yum Cha being served at one of the Chinese restaurants in Chatswood
Green Tea fter Yum Cha