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Broome is situated on the Great Northern Highway, some 2300 Km ( 1400 miles ) north of Perth.

This modern town is an increasingly popular tourist destination since it is ideally located as a base for exploring the Kimberley region, home of the Bungle Bungles and close to some wonderful coastland and beaches.

The town is experiencing something of a boome as the Kimberley region becomes better known and is further developed.


Magical Cable Beach

One of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Australia, Cable Beach, is close to the town and is a must if you visit Broome.

Visitors become attached to the beach and often find themselves spending more time there than they expected.

Cable Beach is over 20 Km long and arcs around the shoreline forming a stunning ribbon of white sand fringing the turquoise sea and the trees and vegetation inland.

There is a selection of resorts, bars and restaurants near the beach and in the town itself.

camel Tours

Camel tours operate and excursions on the White Pearl Lugger are available.

Broome and its beaches are renown for being excellent places for shell collectors.

Pearl Farming

As Broome has a history of pearl farming it is possible to see working pearl farms in action and to even purchase the end product!

Even today, the town is still one of the world's major pearling centres.

Boat, plane, fishing, 4WD, horse and even camel and hovercraft excursions can all be taken from Broome into some stunning national parks, coral reefs and coastal scenery.

It is also possible to see dinosaur footprints nearby when the tidal conditions oblige.

Broome accommodation

Broome has a good selection of hotel accommodation as the Kimberley region is becoming increasingly popular with tourists.

See Broome accommodation for hotels and resorts and our Backpacker accommodation for hostels.


Broome is located on the north west coast of Western Australia and has a tropical Latitude of 17.95°S and a Longitude of 122.2° E.

Driving To Broome

Some approximate driving times to Broome:

24Hrs From Perth (2200Km)


Driving through the Outback and remote or isolated areas of Australia is not recommended for the un prepared or in experienced.

See Route and Distance Calculator for more accurate driving times and routes from additional locations.

Flying To Perth:

Perth Airport, which has both international and domestic terminals, is around 15km (9 miles) north east of the city, along the Great Eastern Highway.

The journey should take approximately 30 minutes depending on traffic conditions. Taxis, hire cars and airport shuttle buses are available.

Taxis, hire cars airport buses are available.

As a guide, the approximate flying time from:

to Sydney 5 hours


Times do not include travel time to and from airports and adequate time prior to check in etc.

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Labour Day Mon 3rd March

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Easter Monday 24th March.

Anzac Day Fri 25th April.

Foundation Day Mon 2nd June.

Queens Birthday Mon29th Sept.

Christmas Day Thu 25th Dec.

Boxing Day Holiday Fri 26th Dec.

2008 School Holidays

(End and start school on preceding and next week day (Mon - Fri) respectively)


Easter Holiday 12th April To 28th April.

Winter Holiday 5th July To 21th July.

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Broome Climate

These figures are for guidance only:

Historical Broome Climate

Approximate Max Average Temperature

Deg C/ Deg F

Winter(June-Aug):30/ 86

Spring(Sep-Nov):33 / 91

Summer(Dec-Feb):33 / 91

Autumn(Mar-May):33 / 91

Historical Average Broome Rainfall

Approximate Average Monthly Rainfall - mm

Winter(June-Aug): 8

Spring(Sep-Nov): 4

Summer(Dec-Feb): 130

Autumn(Mar-May): 49

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Broome's Cable Beach has camel tours.
Broome is a centre for pearling
Red rocks at Cable Beach
Walkway to cable Beach
Hovercraft parked on Kimberley region beach
Palm Beach, the most northern of the Sydney beaches
Macquarie Street Sydney
The Rocks