Newcastle waters Overview

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Newcastle Waters is a small settlement (but virtually un inhabitated) on the Stuart Highway named after the river which runs through the town, 80 miles south of Daily Waters and 450 miles south east of Darwin.

The Duke of Newcastle

Newcastle Waters was named after The Duke of Newcastle by the famous Australian explorer John Stuart in 1861 and the town is a good rest area with some heritage status buildings - of note is the bronze 'Drovers Statue'.

Katherine Region

The nearest petrol station and accommodation is to be found some 20 miles south at Elliott.

Newcastle Waters is within the Katherine region and further north the vivid reds of the 'Red Centre' gradually give way to the more fertile environment found in a tropical monsoon climate.

Near Newcastle Waters there is a large cattle station with over 40 000 head of cattle.

Vast Distances

Throughout the Northern Territory, distances between townships or settlements can be great and there are vast tracts of largely un populated land which may require permission from Aboriginal Land Authorities to access.

Travel through the Northern Territory should be treated with the utmost respect.

Careful preparation must be made if you are thinking of venturing out alone as people have been known to succumb to the conditions in just a few hours.

In addition, during the monsoon season, some roads throughout the 'Top End are often made unpassable by flooding.

Alice Springs accommodation

Alice Springs is a popular tourist destination in its own right.

However, the numbers are increased as most vistors to Uluru (Ayers Rock) transit via Alice Springs Airport and many also choose to visit the town.

A selection of Hotels Alice Springs is shown below.

For a full list please visit our Alice Springs Accommodation page.

Accommodation options include:

Crowne Plaza (4.5 Star)

Alice Springs Resort (4.5 Star)

Aurora Alice Springs (4 Star)

Alice on Todd Apartment (3.5 Star)

Heavitree Gap Outback Lodge (3 Star)

Lasseters Hotel Casino (4 Star)


Newcastle Waters has a Latitude of 17.37°S and a Longitude of 133.41° E.

Traveling To Alice Springs

Alice Springs Airport is around 15km (9 miles) south of the city.

By car, the journey into the city should take approximately 20-30 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

Taxis and hire cars are available.

As a guide, the approximate flying time from Alice Springs is:

To Perth is 4 hours

To Melbourne 2.5 hours

To Sydney 3 hours

Tto Brisbane 3 hours

To Cairns 2.5 hours.

Times do not include travel time to and from airports and adequate time prior to check in etc.


Driving through the Outback and remote or isolated areas of Australia is not recommended for the unprepared or inexperienced.

See Route and Distance Calculator for more accurate driving times and routes from additional locations.

Newcastle waters Climate

Wet Season: November - April

Dry Season: May - October


Max Average Temperature

Deg C/ Deg F

Winter(June-Aug):26 / 78

Spring(Sep-Nov):34 / 93

Summer(Dec-Feb):37/ 98

Autumn(Mar-May):31 / 88


Average Monthly Rainfall - mm

Winter(June-Aug): 8

Spring(Sep-Nov): 35

Summer(Dec-Feb): 103

Autumn(Mar-May): 38



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