Jabiru Region Overview

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Jabiru is 150 miles east of Darwin on the Arnem Highway and is located within the famous World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park.

The town of Jabiru blends in with the natural environment as harmoniously as possible. An example of this is the Gagudju Crocodile Hotel which has been shaped to look something like the predatory animal, which is an important symbol for the local Aboriginal people.

Jabiru is a small town and its economy is based primarily on the nearby mining industry and the growing numbers of tourists.

Kakadu National Park

Jabiru is within the vast (almost 20 000 sq Km) World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park which was featured in the first 'Crocodile Dundee' film.

Kakadu is a sandstone plateau slashed with escarpments, deep ravines and gorges and spectacular waterfalls like the 200 metre drop Jim, Jim Falls and the Twin Falls.

'The Top End' and Kakadu is a rich and fertile region teaming with wildlife. Orchids are cultivated for sale throughout Australia and there are over 1500 other plant species including vividly coloured water lilies, Hibiscus, Gardenia, Grevillia, mosses, ferns and palms of all description.

There are also over 250 species of birds, over 50 types of mammals, over 100 reptiles, 20 frog species and over 50 species of fish.

It is important to respect that Jabiru and surroundings are important Aboriginal region with cultural centres, galleries and several examples of ancient rock paintings.

Kakadu National Park is an extensive area, which has camping sites, magnificent walking trails through tropical forests, billabongs, rivers etc etc. Several companies operate air, river, fishing, cruises and bush walking tours.

The park also has a uranium mine, which also operates fascinating tours.

The Wet

Jabiru is situated in the 'Top End' which experiences the dramatic monsoonal Wet Season which usually starts in November. Although the rainfall is very heavy, contrary to popular belief, the rains don't last all day, every day. Monsoonal rains usually hit in late afternoons and last maybe an hour or so. They are accompanied by dramatic thunderstorms which are an awesome spectacle and are becoming tourist attractions in themselves. The wet brings changes and life to The Top End. Mighty waterfalls burst into life (like the aforementioned Jim Jim and Twin Falls which are at the best in The Wet), rivers flow through majestic gorges and tropical plants burst into life. Although The Wet is a dramatic season to witness some roads are often made impassable so flying into the Top End towns and cities (eg Darwin) maybe the only feasible option.

Six Seasons

Although the Top End has two main seasons - The Wet and The Dry, traditional Aboriginal culture has always split the Top End year into six cycles.

Gudjewg signifies torrential rains and heavy thunderstorms which cause plant life to burst into bloom and is around December to January.

Bangerreng marks the time when plants produce fruit and magpie chicks follow their mother.

Yegge signifies the start of the dry winds.

Wurgeng is winter and when the temperature falls.

Gurrung is the move from the cold of Wureng into the heat of the final season.

Gunumeleng when it is hot and humid and is the build up to the monsoon season.

Vast Distances

Throughout the Northern Territory, distances between townships or settlements can be great and there are vast tracts of largely un populated land which may require permission from Aboriginal Land Authorities to access.

Travel through the Northern Territory should be treated with the utmost respect.

Careful preparation must be made if you are thinking of venturing out alone as people have been known to succumb to the conditions in just a few hours.

In addition, during the monsoon season, some roads throughout the 'Top End are often made unpassable by flooding.

Darwin accommodation

Darwin is a popular tourist destination

A selection of Hotels in Darwin is shown below.

For a full list please visit our Darwin Accommodation page.

Accommodation options include:

Skycity Darwin (5 Star)

Darwin Central Hotel (4.5 Star)

Darwin Airport Resort (4 Star)

Holiday Inn Darwin (4 Star)

Value Inn Darwin (3 Star)

Peppers Seven Spirit Bay (5 Star)


Jabiru has a Latitude of 12.66°S and a Longitude of 132.83° E.

Travelling To Darwin

Some Approx Driving Time/Distance

45Hrs From Sydney (4000Km)

40Hrs From Melbourne (3800Km)

29Hrs From Brisbane (2600Km)

16Hrs From Alice-Springs(1500Km)


Driving through the Outback and remote or isolated areas of Australia is not recommended for the un prepared or in experienced.

See Route and Distance Calculator for more driving times and routes.

Flying To Darwin

Darwin Airport International Airport is around 15km (9 miles) north east of the city.

By car, the journey into the city should take approximately 20-30 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

Taxis, hire cars are available. As a guide, the approximate flying time from Darwin to Perth is 4 hours, to Sydney 4.25 hours, to Melbourne 4.1 hours, to Brisbane 3.75 hours and Cairns 3.75 hours.

Times do not include travel time to and from airports and adequate time prior to check in etc.

Katherine Climate

Wet Season: November - April

Dry Season: May - October


Max Average Temperature

Deg C/ Deg F

Winter (June-Aug):26 / 78

Spring (S-Nov):34 / 93

Summer (Dec-Feb):37/ 98

Autumn (Mar-May):31 / 88


Average Monthly Rainfall - mm

Winter (June-Aug): 8

Spring (Sep-Nov): 35

Summer (Dec-Feb): 103

Autumn (Mar-May): 38



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