North Western Australia Map

Map shows North Western Australia including Carnarvon and Karratha. Map of Australia Linked to Maps of The entire Continent.

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Above static map is also shown for reference and this Map is Licensed From Geoscience Australia

North Western Australia

The Map covers an area of approximately 700 km x 700 Km. This map covers an extensive area of North Western Australia and includes Carnarvon and Karratha.

The Map of the Western Australia is linked to a total of 43 maps covering the entire continent of Australia.

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Carnarvon Region Map
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Carnarvon is a centre for much of Western Australia's banana and other fruit production (several banana plantations offer insightful tours)
The area is also renown for its varied fishing but visitors should be aware of large freak waves (King Waves) which can sweep the unsuspecting out to sea.
Carnarvon is the location of a former satellite dish which served as a tracking station between 1966 and 1987.